Jewellry or Jewelry………Symbolism and Power

What possessed humans to start wearing jewelry is a question that I’ve always wanted an answer to.  Well let’s see…..According to Wiki’s definition of jewelry or jewellry (as previously spelled), it is a form of personal adornment. Derived from the Latin word “jocale“, meaning “plaything” (mmm…sounds sexy).   Back then, jewelry was probably worn and appreciated because of its material properties, its patterns, or for meaningful symbols.  Jewelry has been used for many purposes in history.  Let’s do a spin on this and make it interesting with using some of Caribbean Lilac’s beauties:

As you can clearly see, is fully equipped to be a main source for “personal adornment”.  Make it mean something.  Every piece of jewelry that you put on your body should be symbolic.  It should have significance.  It should have a value that you personally set for it.  Jewelry is meant to enhance to magnify your appearance.  To make you stand out and to set you apart from everyone else.  When purchasing jewelry, choose wisely.  Wiki might have its meaning as “plaything” but when it comes to jewelry, we don’t play!

-Lila Green

Caribbean Lilac


About caribbeanlilac

My name is Lila Green and I am the creator and founder of Caribbean Lilac a Women's Jewelry and Accessory online shopping store. I hand-pick and find unique and affordable jewelry items and place them all on my site to make it easy for women to find unique items they have been looking for. I love making people look great, but I also love making them feel beautiful as well. I believe that beauty comes in many forms but feeling beautiful is definitely more important than looking the part. My company Caribbean Lilac is dedicated to that. That's why my company's slogan is......"Beauty is not what you find on billboards and magazines... It's what you see when you glance into a mirror, a pool of water, your coffee cup. Beauty is you!" I am not in the jewelry business, I am in the business of boosting self-esteem and self-awareness. In addition, I also support a charity called R.E.A.C.H it helps the elderly who are either abandoned or housebound.
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