Animals and Jewelry

There is an obsession with animals and fashion…from leopard prints to actual leopard skins, people love to adorn themselves with wild and sometimes mythical creatures.  One of the more common animals I have seen worn is the elephant.   Why would someone even think an elephant is beautiful??  They are HUGE, they are not at all graceful, they stink, and they’re not even furry or fuzzy.  The beauty is NOT in the look, the elephant is beautiful because of what it symbolizes.  An elephant with its trunk up represents good luck.   In most Asian cultures, the elephant is known for its wisdom.  The elephant also represents  obstacles overcome, remembrance, strength, and power.  This relates to jewelry how? 

If you are wearing this pretty piece, and you are fully aware of what it represents, you take on those characteristics.  It’s not just an elephant, it’s a wise, strong and intelligent animal full of power and wisdom .   Your jewelry transcends the metal and the diamonds or rhinestone, it is symbolic of those things and qualities that are important to you. So next time you have on this lucky piece, and someone says “What a beautiful elephant necklace!”  you can tell them, “Oh!  It’s so much more!”

Another animal well-known in the fashion world is the fox.  Across the globe the fox is known for its power.  Sly and cunning, it is not easily detected.  It’s infamous ability to blend into its surroundings makes it out to be a very untrustworthy animal. It’s quick wit and agility allows it to move in and out of circumstances restoring order or causing confusion,
depending on the occasion.   This is why the fox usually takes on feminine qualities. It has mastered the art of camouflage, it is skilled, crafty, and sometimes unpredictable.  Sounds familiar ladies??

-Lila Green

Caribbean Lilac


About caribbeanlilac

My name is Lila Green and I am the creator and founder of Caribbean Lilac a Women's Jewelry and Accessory online shopping store. I hand-pick and find unique and affordable jewelry items and place them all on my site to make it easy for women to find unique items they have been looking for. I love making people look great, but I also love making them feel beautiful as well. I believe that beauty comes in many forms but feeling beautiful is definitely more important than looking the part. My company Caribbean Lilac is dedicated to that. That's why my company's slogan is......"Beauty is not what you find on billboards and magazines... It's what you see when you glance into a mirror, a pool of water, your coffee cup. Beauty is you!" I am not in the jewelry business, I am in the business of boosting self-esteem and self-awareness. In addition, I also support a charity called R.E.A.C.H it helps the elderly who are either abandoned or housebound.
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