Nailah Lymus and Caribbean Lilac at the launch of “Underwraps”

Finally!!  American born muslim designer Nailah Lymus has introduced the first muslim modeling agency entitled Underwraps. You’re probably thinking what???  Boring… zzzzzzzzzzz.  Women walking around in drab garments covered from head to toe…. where’s the entertainment in that?  Well, it’s not what you think…..   Underwraps was carefully molded to eliminate stereotypes that we may have about Muslim women’s apparel and was meant to break barriers between the Muslim world and fashion as we know it.  The point of it all is to show that fashion can be modest and that there is another side to beauty than showing bare skin.

Nailah doesn’t only design for muslim women.  She is the CEO and founder of Amirah Creations.  Beautiful, colorful, and bold her line is eye catching and breathtaking. This is no amature.  She has been designing for over 6 years and has always dreamed of breaking Muslim women into the fashion industry.  It is my understanding that Underwraps will do just that!  Her models will operate under the normal model code, attending go sees and the likes. However, they will  adhere to the muslim code and only model modest wear.  It’s simple, if they model a short dress, a long-sleeved shirt and long pants go underneath.  The launch of Underwraps proved that anything can be converted into modest wear and it can still look fashionable and sexy.

Personally, this hits close to home.  Being raised in a Muslim household, I was always taught to dress modestly.  However, I always had an eye for fashion.  When I attempted to break into the world of modeling (when I was a skinny lil thing), I was turned off by the skimpy clothing and the advances of some creepy photographers.  I wish there was an agency like this to help me uphold my beliefs while still being able to live out my dreams.  Either way, I’m back on the fashion scene.  Not modeling, but still hitting the runways with my jewelry line and meeting great talents like Nailah who are thinking outside the box and turning dreams into reality.

Nailah asked us to come in and incorporate our line into the show.  We were happy to do so and had a wonderful time. It was a full house at Rare NYC Salon in Tribeca and everyone muslims and non muslims alike were there in full support of Underwraps.  I really do see great things for this designer in the future.  Caribbean Lilac would like to thank Nailah Lymus for having us at her launch and being a part something so wonderful and insightful.

Scroll down for credits and some beautiful photos by George Rowe Photography.

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Photograhy:  Lavina Young of George Rowe Photography

Styling: Yasmine Yasmine, Ashley Rose

MUA: ChocolateGirl Glow, Bisheaba:Ema

Clothing by: Nailah Lymus,  Naimah Muhammad & Khalid Sabree of Khaliq-Art,  and Alicat Avril Lemieux, Insha’Allah Clothing Company, Whitney McCalla, and Fung Wear

Jewelry by: Caribbean Lilac, and some by Yumnah Najah Designs 

Models: Ava McQueen, Caroline Hey, Ayana Wildgoose, Najah Abdul-rahim,Hajer Naili, Mu’minah Qadar, Jasmine Crawford, Caroline Palmour, Tijashn, and Nikita Rjs


About caribbeanlilac

My name is Lila Green and I am the creator and founder of Caribbean Lilac a Women's Jewelry and Accessory online shopping store. I hand-pick and find unique and affordable jewelry items and place them all on my site to make it easy for women to find unique items they have been looking for. I love making people look great, but I also love making them feel beautiful as well. I believe that beauty comes in many forms but feeling beautiful is definitely more important than looking the part. My company Caribbean Lilac is dedicated to that. That's why my company's slogan is......"Beauty is not what you find on billboards and magazines... It's what you see when you glance into a mirror, a pool of water, your coffee cup. Beauty is you!" I am not in the jewelry business, I am in the business of boosting self-esteem and self-awareness. In addition, I also support a charity called R.E.A.C.H it helps the elderly who are either abandoned or housebound.
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One Response to Nailah Lymus and Caribbean Lilac at the launch of “Underwraps”

  1. Ness says:

    Thanks so much for attending the Underwraps event at Rare. Come see us again!

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